September 02, 2015

Is it time to wash?

We all wan to stay so fresh and so clean (clean) and often we are asked how to take care of our Spool of Dreams pieces. While every fabric has it's own rules, we generally state all of our washing instructions on all of our product descriptions. 

While researching this topic for our fellow #spoolgirls, we came across this interesting article from pinterest. This is a guide to how much wear certain items in your closet can get before taking them to the laundry. Do you agree? How often do you wash your jeans? 

  • Bras: After three to four wears.
  • Underwear: After every wear.
  • Socks and stockings: After every wear.
  • Sportswear and swimwear: After every wear.
  • Jeans: Five to six wears. 
  • Tops: One to two wears.
  • Dresses: One to two wears.
  • Leggings: One to two wears.
  • Pants, skirts, and shorts: Three to four wears.
  • Jackets and blazers: Five to six wears.
  • Coats: Once every two months of wear.
  • PJs: Three to four wears.


Source: Pinterest